Gallerie One is the first ever centre for contemporary arts and research in Kashmir

Gallerie One is the first ever centre for contemporary arts and research in Kashmir.

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To Art is to Resist 

Online exhibition of works produced by artists in response to the ongoing crisis situation in Kashmir.

This online exhibition showcases works by artists based in different cities who have produced works in response to the crisis in Kashmir that emerged in July 2016. The situation  was dominated by protests and strict  curfews Since Mid-July. Kashmir witnessed killings of 70 civilians, more than 600 people lost their eye sight due to pellet guns fired at protesters, and more the 6000 people have been injured. The toll continues to rise. (Update: 10/10/16 - 80 Dead, 11000+ Injured.) 

(Update: 20/11/16 - 100+ Dead, 15000+ Injured, 800+ Blinded)

Curated by Syed Mujtaba Rizvi.

‘To Art is to Resist’ was conceptually a physical and an online exhibition that most Kashmiris will NOT be able to visit and experience. ‘To Art is to Resist’ was conceived as an exhibition that will serve as an archive of artistic-expression as means of resistance during the 2016 Kashmir Crisis – and also serve as an insight into the forms, styles and media used by artists in regions of conflict such as Kashmir – especially during the worst of times. By seeking submissions from artists based outside Kashmir as well, I wished to encourage more engagement and therefore channelize global creative energy towards issues related to Kashmir – in hopes that artists might address uncomfortable questions, challenge pre-conceived notions, and inspire positive action and empathy. To Art is to Resist failed to become a physical exhibition due the situation on ground, but continues to be viewed millions of times globally. The exhibition continues to grow with submissions from artists around the world – just as the causalities in Kashmir continue to grow.

Most artists in Kashmir could not be reached because of the ban on internet services and ongoing curfews.

Selected works from this online art exhibition were showcased at SOAS University of London as a part of the event Wounded Kashmir on 29th October 2016. For more information about the event CLICK HERE.

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We will continue to accept submissions from artists based anywhere in the world.

Send your entries along with the details of the artworks, and the name of city you are based in to : [email protected]

For sales information write to [email protected] You can register your interest to buy the original or limited edition prints of the work.

Presented by Gallerie One. Supported by Kashmir Art Quest.