Gallerie One is the first ever centre for contemporary arts and research in Kashmir

Gallerie One is the first ever centre for contemporary arts and research in Kashmir.



[A] Gallerie One:

  1. The first ever public art gallery in J&K with an international focus.
  2. Showcase, commission, collect and auction contemporary works of art by leading artists.
  3. Represent Kashmiri artists at the global stage and create a situation for an international art scene in Kashmir.
  4. Establish the space as a one-stop cultural and creative experience for locals and tourists.
  5. Round the year curated shows - open to public and strategically promoted around the world.
  6. Collaborations & partnerships with national and international artists, museums, galleries and institutions.

[B] The research centre.

  1. Research on art and culture of Kashmir from a historical and contemporary perspective.
  2. Production of audio-visual content. 
  3. Research for the development of cultural infrastructure in Kashmir.
  4. Surveys, market research, study of trends and patterns.
  5. Develop art education programmes and research for the development of ‘Gallerie One.’
  6. Produce Publications and Journals.
  7. Seminars, talks and conferences.
  8. Partnerships and Collaborations with national and international institutions.
  9. Prompting art, artists, art education; and leading creative and cultural entrepreneurship in Kashmir.

[C] Archiving & Cataloging Centre:

  1. Digitize artworks, manuscripts, historical images, books, artifacts etc.
  2. Create a data bank to be used for research purposes.
  3. Catalogue all art/historical information.

(All archives will be available at the physical centre in raw as well as digital format. Additionally all information will be made available online for free)

[D] Digital Media Lab.

  1. Make available necessary IT/Tech support for member artists, students and researchers.
  2. Train artists and students to use various creative software.
  3. Audio-visual equipment for videos, sound art, animations, graphics etc.
  4. Internet access.
  5. Conference Room.

[E] Library and Intellectual Space.

  1. Open-access library.
  2. Books on diverse subjects like art, culture, creative management, history, poetry, literature, and so on.
  3. Book reading and discussion space.
  4. Leisure space for reading, writing etc.
  5. Snacks, Kehwa and Coffee.

If you wish to support this project and be a part of this historic initiative, write to  [email protected]